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The Marxist Union

The Marxist Union(abbreviation TMU) is a Garry's Mod clan focused on researching vanilla technology and vanilla servers.

The Marxist Union

Status : Active

Founded : 10.11.2019

Heads of state : ☭Товарищ Дима, black square

Alliances : TCR, ISD, TRI, UDE, TWV ADP, the Stalker Imperium and TGS

Capitals : DGS, Hosted on Senko Space, NFOservers, New Gmod Server,

Claims(17) : Hosted on Senko Space, NFOservers servers, New Gmod Server, FinnishHost.net Quality Hosting,Democratic Gmod Server, Garrys Mod Server hosted by g-portal, GMod Server, gameserver hosted by Overhosting, mtxserv servers, sxhost servers, VoidNet GMod server(Our only claim that has addons), WindowsGSM servers, VeryGames servers, Garry's Mod servers, Hosted by xeinhost, Ouiheberg servers and LinuxGSM servers.

War history